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Blues In E On Lap Steel Guitar

            Do you love to play lap steel guitar?  If so, you probably already know that the blues is one of the most popular styles to play, as well as country and bluegrass.  There are many tunings that people use when playing the lap steel guitar, depending on the situation and style they are playing.  There are many different tunings for country, rock, bluegrass, and the blues.  Most people love to play blues in E on lap steel guitars, and this is one of the most common ways to play the lap steel guitar.  Why E, you might ask?  Because of the open tuning and resonating low tones, it just sounds more full or “fat.”

            The blues is an extraordinary form of music that is very emotional and soulful.  Crucial to the blues is the ability to improvise and be creative as you play.  Learning to play blues in E on lap steel guitars involves learning how to tune your guitar properly, and learning how to play scales perfectly.

            Open E is one of the most popular tunings to use to play the blues.  To play blues in E on lap steel guitars, tune your strings to the open E major tuning which goes from low string to high string:    E B E G# B E.  When you strum all the strings without fretting any, it will create an E major chord and you will be on your way to playing the blues.

            Next, you will need to learn some scales if you want to play blues in E on lap steel guitars.  Learning blues scales will allow you to improvise over almost any blues tune because the notes will be in the same key and will sound good.  The Pentatonic Minor A scale is the commonly known blues scale, and you will need to memorize this in whichever tuning you choose to play in.  There are a number of great web sites to go to where you can learn scales – a simple search for the types of scales you would like to learn will bring tons of results.  Your local music shop is also a great place to go to learn anything related to music.

            There are many great online resources to help you learn to play blues in E on lap steel guitar.    One of the best is, which has many great resources in addition to tabs and scales.  There is information about the history of the guitars themselves, famous players, playing styles, and general playing hints.  Youtube can also be a surprisingly great resource, because many talented players upload videos of themselves.  You can find a lot of valuable information here, as well as free lessons and song examples.

            Learning to play a new style on an instrument can be difficult, but if you have any playing experience at all you will know that it will soon get much easier.  Playing the blues in E on lap steel guitars can be a great experience, and will help you develop your playing in a very interesting and new direction.  Learning to improvise and be open with your playing in E lets you rock with other musicians too–so tune up and jam on!  Click here for a lesson in playing the blues in E on lap steel guitar.


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